21 de agosto de 2009

Cuartoscuro 97. Agosto-septiembre 2009. $30.00 CITEM 140909. Página 28. Segunda foto. Pedro Valtierra. Gimnasio improvisado de hospital, Managua, Nicaragua, 1979.

Tijuana, B. C., 21 de agosto de 2009. Viernes. Sanborn’s de plazarío. Barra. 2:38 p.m. Vaso con agua natural. Dos salseras. Canasta de pan. Totopos. Mantequilla Sanborn’s. Saladitas Gamesa. Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Papas fritas. Restos de sándwich. Café regular. Servilleta de tela con lágrima disimulada. Página 28, página 28:

Still hurts, like an echo of voices and cries recorded in a picture waiting to be heard:
The pain of the photographed,
The pain of the photographer,
The pain of the long-distance (in space-time) observer(s).
Pain keeps alive in a register image.

We are connected in more ways than scientific knowledge and occidental culture can comprehend. Hurt and injustice suffered by Others travels like an echo.

Aren’t these connections what make us human?
What makes possible that we think of ourselves as Humanity?
Why do we recognize in others and register life experiences?
Why do we suffer for Others experiences?